August 04, 2011

Food for my boy...

The blue and red table cloths did some serious coloring on the food photos!  LOL  This was the small spread for about 15 that I did for our oldest's Eagle Board of Review.  We are currently planning the Court of Honor to celebrate in a few weeks.  

 Meat and cheese platter

 Watermelon and White Honeydew in season

 Veggie Platter

 Fruit Platter

 Cheese and Crackers

Simple little party trick...

The cheese ball above is made with goat cheese I purchased at Costco.  I chopped pecans and then I shaped the cheese into a ball and rolled it in the nuts to cover.  It is yum and SO very simple.  :)

These cookies are the monster cookies I made a few weeks ago only I used Reese's mini candies, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips for a real peanutty/chocolate thing.  I served them with homemade ice cream.  It was a HUGE hit!  

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