August 20, 2011

From whence cometh your food?

My husband and I took our younger two boys out fishing this morning.  They are in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  They are earning belt loops and merit badges for fishing so this was a very cool opportunity for them.  The local Fishing Club puts on events for youth throughout the year and this was one of those events today.  They did a special day for scouts.

It was a great opportunity for the boys to see where food comes from.  I am a huge believer that our society is missing something by not seeing the source of food in it's natural habitat.  To be honest right up front our boys did not catch anything.  The catfish below was from a man that was helping the boys fish.  They got to get up close and personal with a real live catfish.

They learned some skills... saw a real fish being caught and then released and then... 

I realized I had catfish in the freezer... so we had catfish for dinner.  This is a baked catfish recipe  that is a hit in our home. (had to use regular bread crumbs because I did not have Panko crumbs in the house - Panko is much preferred but still, this was good)  They loved the connections made today between the real fish and dinner.  It was a great lesson and a delicious meal.  The veg in the background is some seasonal summer squash, simply sauteed with a little salt and pepper.  We also had fresh watermelon.  I love days like today!  

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