August 21, 2011

Goal Setting for the end of August

Book to read:
Continuing to read...
Denise Vivaldo's Home-Based Personal Chef Business

and also reading...

3 Organizing Goals to accomplish for the week
*  Set a daily schedule for me to follow... homeschool, housework, business tasks, etc...
*   More file cabinet maintenance as I go through crates and boxes
*   List making for event for Thursday - shopping and equipment list... shop and do some prep on Wednesday and finish and deliver Thursday - did I mention I have a job on Thursday, btw?  WOOHOO

Paperwork/Research tasks
*  Build contracts and pricing lists
*   cost recipes and input at least 5 new ones a day... 
build notebook once input is completed for hard copies
*   Business plan continued...
*   More pricing for shipping and send sample to see how it ships
*  Test 3 new recipes this week for the fall - this will make family happy!  LOL  

Contacts to make
*   Continue to build e-mail list
*   Purchase Personal Chef Course by August 31st
*   Adding electronic business card to all outgoing e-mail
*  Contact doctors offices and other office locations to see about leaving business cards in the lobby
*   Contact Chamber of Commerce for information and contacts on Women and Business locally

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