September 04, 2011

September Goals...

Buckling down this month to do the official kick-off to build the business.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and this week is the first full week of September.  My first e-mail goes out Tuesday with a list of items for the Fall.  I am doing baking to get things started.  I am still saving for a personal chef course and then I will work on that.  I am setting three to five big goals to do each week

For the week of September 5-10

*   Send out Fall Baking Price List and begin taking orders for Holiday items.  As I do the baking I will take photos for the portfolio to post on the blog and in the cookbook I am building with business recipes... see below for this goal.

*   Marketing Goal... put business magnets on vehicle and carry business cards everywhere I go.  Pass out at least 5 cards each week and keep building e-mail list and send weekly updates and reminders.

*   Continue reading Personal Chef and Catering Books by Denise Vivaldo and add Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing Excellence book.  I will also be purchasing Dave Ramsey's new book, EntreLeadership by the end of the month.  I will do a book review on my favorites as I go.

*   Continue to revise and complete business plan (for the month of September)

*   Spend time building recipe collection.  I have purchased a notebook, stickers, recipe cards and tabs and will be typing in recipes to print and put in notebook to organize the menus and recipes I use.  Print all menus and price lists to put in notebook.  Be on the lookout for new things and spend time testing recipes as I go.  Purchase new printer cartridge soon...


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