November 21, 2011

An Early Thanksgiving Meal... random photos

 Buttermilk before going in to bake...

 Pumpkin muffins for a customer...  they tend to be lighter in color because I use fresh pumpkin.

 Here is the pumpkin puree I use.

 Here is the plethora of pumpkin in the freezer right now... I wound up bagging about 32 cups when it was all said and done.  

 Cranberries with orange peel and orange juice and sugar.  Bring to a boil... boil until cranberries pop and then cool.  YUM!!!

 Fresh green beans for tonight... I still have to trim and cook them.  I will add onion, almonds and butter to saute them.

 Stuffed the turkey with fresh rosemary, apples and onions.

 Salt and pepper on the skin

Gelled cranberry sauce ready for serving

There will also be wild rice, turkey gravy and bread.

We will finish with the pie and coffee and a movie.  I love Thanksgiving!!!

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