December 21, 2011

More from our kitchen as we winter in...

We have been stocking things up for the winter months... basically just when they are in season we buy a little extra and then we can enjoy it through the months it is not in the stores.  I shared the pumpkin baking not too long ago.  

 After thanksgiving we used a few turkey carcasses to make stock (ladies from our church gave us their's).  It is SO SUPER SIMPLE to make stock... everyone should be doing this and saving money.  It is SO delicious, too!  Great for soups, stews, sauces and a variety of other cooking uses.   

and I have a few bags of pecans that have been frozen.  

I am, however, quite low on my frozen bananas for smoothies!  LOL  Must raid a store soon to see if they have some bulk buys on overripe bananas.  They make great banana bread and muffins, too.  

There are also frozen blueberries, a variety of meats purchased on recent holiday sales and frozen Amish bread and a meatloaf.  I am hoping to get back to more bulk cooking and baking in the new year.  It is so very convenient to have things ready to heat and serve.  :)  It also saves a ton of money since most our money goes to the crazy gas prices these days... we will take the savings wherever we can get them.  LOL


  1. Good for you, Leann! A happy sight, all those frozen bags! We'll do our Christmas turkey for stock after we de-bone the meat. Just had it tonight.

  2. Its allways nice with a store of food. Looks good:)