January 13, 2012

Food as medicine...

I have always loved learning.  With my job I get to learn new stuff ALL THE TIME!  That is part of what makes me so happy about what I do on a daily basis.  This week I have been doing research on a few dietary restrictions for different medical conditions.  I have been reading about diabetes, learning more about gluten free diets and looking up some information on gout.

I have also been very interested in nutrition and in treating physical ailments with the right food instead of popping pills.  I believe the right diet can help to heal and nurture the body.  Sometimes pills are necessary but I do believe that if people would just eat better it would solve a lot of problems with their health... me included. I love studying about food and nutrition so much I am planning to go back to school for that nutrition degree at some point.  I would love to start next fall on the science classes to get ready for the master's program at NMSU for nutritionist.  This is a very exciting prospect to me!  I have wanted to study nutrition for a long time.

I am studying the intricacies of the glycemic index right now for some clients.  I can understand why it is so hard to figure out a diabetic diet!  I am going to keep working on it and start putting menus together so I have some backup stuff when I need it.

I also checked out a book on CD to listen to as I work.  It is the book Wheat Belly by William Davis  

I also came across some good things to know about gout as I read this week.  I learned that poppy seeds are one of the worst things you could eat so I made a Challah without them for a client this week.  I also learned that cranberries are EXCELLENT for treating gout.  I will be reading more about this in the coming days.

I am going to work on some lists for me to keep handy as I work with a variety of diets and as I prepare meals for clients.  I am starting a notebook to help me keep things together.  I need the organization.  LOL


  1. I read most of that book, as well. He repeats himself a lot (thus, my losing interest in finishing the book), but there was a lot of interesting info in there. He's kind of a one note song (wheat is evil), but I think we can glean a lot from what he's learned. His ego's a bit annoying, too. Can you tell I don't like him very much? lol

  2. I'm reading The Food Cure for Kids. Great book, I'm reading it on Kindle, can't remember if you have one or not but it is lendable if you do.