January 22, 2012

French Friday... Quartre Quarts

For January 20, 2012 

I, honestly, just had too much going on to be able to do this cake before today.  It was a lovely finish to  Sunday dinner.  I was a little worried as I mixed and it seemed so dense but it turned out very delicious with a great crumb to it.  Mine was also a little flatter because I do not own an 8-inch spring foam but a 9-inch instead so it was spread over a larger area and did not get as tall as it should.  That did not change the texture and flavor one bit.  We cut it into six servings as the recipe suggested.  We have six in our family.  PERFECT!  To do it again I would make a recipe and 1/2 and then use my 10-inch spring form pan.  That should help the height.  YUM!!! Everyone loved it!

 The finished cake in the spring form pan
 macerated fruit

 The crumb was beautiful!

 Fruit and whipping cream were a perfect pairing with this...

and, of course, coffee... decaf for evening.  :)


  1. This was a delightfully simple dessert, wasn't it? (We had ours with macerated strawberries too - the perfect topping, I thought)

  2. Great! Looks really luscious.