January 08, 2012

French Fridays... a little late

The goal of this group is to cook and bake our way through this book
I received this book over a year ago as a Christmas present.  We will not be sharing the recipes here because it is our intent to share our personal journey in photos and encourage you to pick up your own copy to do the same.  We do not want to break copyright laws by posting published recipes and Dorie worked hard on this and should get paid.  It is a magnificently beautiful book!

This particular recipe for the week of January 6th is the Bubble-Top Brioche

Brioche is made from an enriched dough... that means is is loaded with butter, sugar and eggs.  LOL  It rises more slowly and makes for a very flaky, rich product.   It is quite delicious!

 Initial dough before overnight refrigeration

 The dough the next morning

 Shaped Brioche proofing

Baked rolls

We enjoyed these with family today for our Sunday Dinner together.  

A lovely treat, indeed!

Check out the website for upcoming challenges and pick up the book to join us if you like.


  1. Welcome aboard! What a great recipe to start your FFwD adventure with. Your brioche rolls look great.

  2. What a lovely cookbook! I just put it on hold at my library. Maybe I'll try the challenges, too!

  3. Welcome aboard - great recipe to jump in on!

  4. Welcome to French Fridays! This has become one my favorite days of the week, and I 've come to adore this book! Look forward to more of your posts!

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