February 13, 2012

Chart House of San Antonio

Dan and I had the most amazing early Valentine's Day treat.  We spent the week in San Antonio last week for the TMEA annual convention and we celebrated our oldest as he performed with the elite All-State Jazz Ensemble.  While we were there we visited the Alamo with the children, experienced a lot of great musical performances and we visited this special restaurant called the Chart House that is perched atop the Tower of the Americas.  

 Just behind the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center


 Several tourist opportunities here at the tower

waiting at the elevator to go up for our reservation

Going up in the elevator

We had the most amazing dinner... I had the Snapper Hemingway and was delighted to see that Executive Chef Dwayne Gale has shared his recipe online.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Check out his video at the link I just shared.  

The view was spectacular and so was the food!  The company was delightful, too!  ;)

 The restaurant takes about 80 minutes to fully rotate as you enjoy your meal.  You see the entire span of downtown as you dine.  It is spectacular

 The outer windows and the central kitchen and elevator/entrance area stay stationary as the floor in the dining area rotates around it.  This is a glimpse of some of the dining area.

 I believe this is what they call the Squaw bread.  It is a dark grainy bread and fabulous.

 I recommend going at sunset.  It is a bit pricey but SO worth it if you get to San Antonio.  Just save up and go enjoy this treat!

 I enjoyed the Snapper Hemmingway with Crab and the Ginger Rice
It melted in my mouth... it is the recipe that is shared on the link above and I am putting it at the bottom of the page for you, too.  Oh My...  So delicious!!!  Dan had the swordfish... also an excellent choice!  You can check out the menu here.  They also have their other menus listed on this page.

 Dessert was the Hot Chocolate Lava Cake with ice cream.  Very decadent!

and the sun set on our evening... lovely!

The recipe from Executive Chef Dwayne Gale...

Executive Chef Dwayne Gale is serving up fresh Gulf Coast fish dishes for customers.  The Tower of the Americas is home to Chart House.  It's the first one in Texas.

Chef Gale's Snapper Hemingway

• 1 Snapper Fillet
• 2 oz Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
• 2 cups Seasoned Flour
• 2 cups Egg Wash (Milk/Egg Mixture)
• 1 cup Parmesan Breadcrumb Breading
• ¼ cup Lemon Shallot Butter
• Chopped Parsley
• 2 oz Clarified Butter

Dust the fish in the seasoned flour, dip in egg wash, and place it in the parmesan breadcrumbs, making sure to coat both sides thoroughly. Heat the clarified butter in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add fish and sauté 1-2 minutes, flip and bake in a 400 degree oven until fully cooked (approximately 5 minutes). Place hot crabmeat on top of fish, ladle lemon butter sauce over the crabmeat and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Serve with rice and/or your favorite vegetable.

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