February 04, 2012

French Fridays... Gorgonzola Apple Quiche

 This recipe actually turned out to be a double recipe challenge because I had to start with the tart dough.  
It is a lovely dough!

 Apples were used... if you look at the recipe in the book it called for 1/2 an apple but  I chose to use two whole small apples because I love love LOVE chunky quiche.

 Went to three stores to find Gorgonzola Cheese but I did... kinda pricey but I only used half the package so I have enough to make another one of these babies  later in the week if I want.

 Prepping for the oven...

 The key to quiche is not to overbake it.  You want it just cooked through... 
not runny or dry but just turned solid.

Great texture and fantastic flavors!  I will be making this one again, too.  Not the kiddos favorite but the big people in my house loved it!  


  1. Your dough looks perfect!
    Sounds like this one was a pleasant surprise for a lot of people!

  2. There's always blue cheese dip! That's where my leftover gorgonzola is going to. Your quiche looks delightfully chunky, Leann.

  3. Your quiche looks great. I used only the 1/2 apple
    and it did sort of get lost, but yours looks nice and
    chunky. This was a good recipe, something Tricia
    and I will make again, I'm sure.

  4. I love chunky apples and cheese too! Beautiful looking quiche!

  5. You'd have rare kids if they loved blue cheese - more for the big kids. :-) your tart looks great, crust and filling both.