February 13, 2012

French Fridays... Nutella Tartine

 I had homemade marmalade I got for Christmas and Nutella

 It is next to impossible to find Challah or an eggy bread on our side of town so in a pinch I used a Shepherd's Bread

 There was melted butter for the toast part

and fresh hazelnuts for the top

This was very quick, easy and delicious.  Dorie hit a homerun on this one!  :)


  1. I have never heard of Shepherds bread, but it looks delicious, as does your tartine. Tricia and I both
    thought this cute, easy recipe too.

  2. Sheperds bread is new to me too but it looks great. I didn't have brioche or challah either so used home baked white bread. We thought this was a good and simple treat for an afternoon pick me up!