March 20, 2012

Daniel Fast Food Journal... Day 1

I started the eating changes Monday and had a pretty satisfying day.  

I started the day with a green smoothie instead of coffee 

and then snacked on carrots as I worked.

For lunch I had whole wheat pasta and a veggie packed marinara sauce.

The sauce was loaded with zucchini, carrots and tomatoes.

I sipped on hot water with a bit of lemon as I was preparing dinner.  I think I might add some ginger to that later in the week for a little tummy comfort since I am off my normal lemon ginger tea blend and all other teas right now.

I finished the day with a big bowl of quinoa tossed with avocado, broccoli, quartered cherry tomatoes and lime juice with a pinch of Kosher salt.  I will be eating that one again.  It was YUM!!!

I will be putting breakfast together before I go to bed so I can mix quickly and pop it in the oven.  

I am also hoping to make a few quick snack items like granola with no sugar and cutting up some fresh veggies.  

Check out some of Kristen's video blogging... she has some recipe demos here, too.

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