March 31, 2012

End of week 2...

I have come to the end of the second week of the fast.  I am feeling good and the detox has passed.  I have been off all fibromyalgia meds for all 14 days, too.  The only thing I find physically challenging at this point is the lack of protein.  I do not eat soy and so tofu and soy options have not been something I can rely upon to fill the gap.  I have upped the bean, nut and seed intake but still find it very difficult to hit 60 grams per day.  I don't think I have hit it in the two weeks previous...

I am feeling the effects of it... puffiness and tiredness.  I am looking forward to eating some lean meat and eggs again but things will definitely be different when I go back to a regular diet.  I am thinking cheese will not be a regular anymore.  The sugar and caffeine will be very scarce, too.  I like the amount of fiber and the way the fresh fruits and veggies make me feel.  I started juicing this week some, too.  I got a free juicer from a friend who was willing to clear it out of their way.  It is magnificent!  It is a big Jack LaLanne juicer.  Praising God for the freebie!

Love that it comes with a book to do more than juice with it, too!

Winding up for week three!

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