March 23, 2012

More Veggie Food...

I am truly eating well on this Daniel Fast.  Do I feel deprived?  Well, I still want something creamy... that seems to be a thing with me.  I am enjoying smoothies with bananas and different things with avocado when I get that craving.  

Here are a few items from the week...

 Mixed greens, strawberries and a light vinaigrette for starters

 I eat this one even when I am not fasting... it is a sweet potato that has been baked.  I top it with black beans and some salsa.  When I am not fasting it is nice with a bit of sour cream or yogurt on top, too.  I often choose the yogurt.  We don't eat a lot of sour cream in this house.

 This is a homemade muesli (raw oats, nuts and dates) that I make. 
I top it with fresh fruit and then add some almond/coconut milk.
I have opted for store bought nut milks for this particular journey.  

I know the lists say not to eat the white rice, too but I am on a budget and this was already in the pantry so I am using it.  I feel no guilt over this.  This is a Basmati rice and it is very light and nice... not sticky and clumpy.  To the rice I added fresh cilantro, fresh/raw pineapple and toasted cashew nuts.  

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  1. Yummy foods! I love the oats with fresh fruits in it and milk. =)