March 03, 2012

Seasonal Saturday...

For January through March there are some real treats out there that are seasonal.  I picked up some Mineolas/Tangelos and some Texas Grapefruit this week at the local market.  I spotted big bags of lemons and limes, too.

I love to use citrus fruits in my salads... both green leafy and fruit.  It works out great that lettuces and citrus are coming in around the same time.  Throw some grilled chicken on top and a pungent crumbled cheese, top with a vinaigrette and you have a full healthy meal.  One of my favorites!

I enjoy making desserts with citrus, too.  Nothing better than a lemon or orange curd or cupcakes with the flavoring of grapefruit to contrast the sweet.  I am working on a ginger and lemon cupcake recipe to add to my baking menu soon, too.

Asparagus is looking quite lovely right now as are the lettuces, brussel sprouts and I saw mango for the first time in a while.  I think it is time for some fruit salsas again.  Love fruit salsas!!!  

So, what is seasonal in your neck of the woods right now?

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