March 26, 2012

Vegan Yumminess...

 I broke out the dehydrator this weekend and made a recipe from Original Fast Foods.

This is a raw oatmeal cookie and here is the video for the recipe

 You want to keep the temperature at 120 or less to maintain live enzymes in the ingredients.  I would actually recommend soaking all the nuts and then letting them dry somewhat before using them to activate more live enzymes.
 To do it over again I would chop the apples much smaller but the flavor is great in these and they are sweet with the fruit in them without adding any sugar to the recipe.  Very good!

 I used a recipe from Caring Carrot to make these vegan blueberry pancakes and I added a dollop of unsweetened applesauce to them in place of syrup.  Very filling and great for a Daniel Fast.

Made an all veggie marinara sauce to go on top of whole wheat pasta.  Curbs the pasta craving for me really well and I am really liking the texture of whole what pasta, too.  The sauce had zucchini and carrot in it and is very chunky.  YUM!

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