April 22, 2012

Back from New Mexico...

I love going to New Mexico... I love camping in New Mexico.... I love camping breakfast of eggs and bacon and breakfast burritos and pancakes and the smell of campfire in my hair and clothes before it sours.  I always dread the reentry into real life again after such adventures.  We do not camp nearly enough... maybe that needs to change.  So, I say all of this to say that I have been away from the computer for the last three days so there have been no posts.  I did not make juice on Saturday at all because I had no electricity or juicer with me in the campground.  I recently watched a show called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Joe Cross, the guy the story was about, had a blender and juicer he used right out of the back of his car... I may have to find such a thing if I take the family on the road more often.

We headed to City of Rocks again this year and I did not make a trip into SilverCity like I normally do.  We just camped this year... no shopping for foodie things and yarn and used books but that was more about budget than anything.  We are still chugging away at paying down our debt.

I can, however, share some food from last week...

 an apple, pear, orange and beet juice

 I have been reading a book called Year of Plenty about buying locally or making your own.
I am getting ready to plant some seeds this week... cannot delay any longer.  I was waiting on an extra bed to be put in but will just make due with the one I have until Dan can get to digging the new one.  We will be starting up our compost bucket again soon, too, and hopefully our worm farm

I want chickens... maybe we will be working on that soon, too... we will have to see what lies ahead for the summer before we make that decision, first, though.

I made risotto twice this week... the first time with brown short grained sweet rice and the second time with Sushi rice (short grained)  Both turned out nicely but the brown had a nuttier flavor.

 I found wild salmon at the local market frozen but did not like the texture of the frozen stuff... I need to find a fresh source.  The local Albertson's has assured me they will start getting wild salmon for the summer starting in May... I am ready!  

 Always love salad!

 Cream of Asparagus Soup!  YUM!!!

 Another juice... pear, apple, plum... very tasty!

 An unsweetened plain whole milk yogurt with almond milk and mixed berries with a banana added for more sweetness.  
 A stack of Oatmeal, Craisin, Walnut cookies made from a whole wheat all purpose flour blend.  
SO delicious!

 Camp kitchen... with my old nesting pots from our mess kit and some sauteed onions in that skillet.

Cub Scout Fuel!

Yes, that is a camping French Press in the right hand corner... I don't leave home without it!  LOL

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