April 06, 2012

Broke fast a day early...

I know it is day 20 but I needed to let it go.  We have too many things this weekend where I am needing to bake and cook and eat with people from church and scouts so I have no regrets...  it was a very focused and productive time and I learned a great deal about things I need to change as I move forward, both physically and spiritually.  I went 19 full days and now the transition starts to a cleaner diet long term.  I am still tracking calories on SparkPeople.com.  Although it was not done for weight loss I did lose 6 pounds in the process and gained a greater understanding of things my body needs to be stronger and healthier.  I highly recommend SparkPeople for motivation and tools to help you watch what you put into your body.  I will be back with more juice recipes from the weekend on Monday.

In the meantime, I am working on this...

Hummingbird Cake from Martha at Dave Ramsey's site.  
I have made lots over the years and this is a nice one.

Also working on these from Joy of Baking (great site)...

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