April 07, 2012

Day 7.... a Savory Juice

Today's juice consisted of the following...

2 carrots
4 tomatoes
2 celery stalks with leaves
1 large bunch of parsley
a bit of onion

This recipe made 2 cups of juice and Dan and I shared it.

Dan seems to be troubled that he can taste the fact that I have not been peeling the carrots even though they are organic and scrubbed thoroughly before use.  Next time I make one for him I will peel the carrots.  For me this was adequate.  I have to say that my sweet tooth prefers the fruit to the veggies but it was not bad.  I would love to find a blend that is more like a V8 juice because I do love V8.  :)

For day 6 I did the same juice as day five except I used grapefruit instead of oranges and it was still good but not as nice as day 5's blend.  

This next week I will be trying my hand at a combination of juicing and blending for some new tastes.

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