April 26, 2012

Still drinking juice...

I am... really... every day.  LOL  I am just at the end of a month and am relying on what I have in the house to sustain us to a payday.  I have apples, carrots, plums, grapes, limes, lemons, beets and oranges and a grapefruit left.  I used the grapefruit, two oranges, two apples, two plums and purple seedless grapes this morning.  Over the next few days I will make a plain apple juice to use  up the apples left and might have to try a lemonade or limeade or a combination of the two as a treat for girlie weekend.  My daughter and I are doing a women's retreat together and might need to enjoy some lemonade for movie night on Saturday before the guys come in from their events.  

Here is today's picture... complete with my favorite jar glass.  

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