April 30, 2012

Wow... May starts TOMORROW!!!

My month of juicing went out with a fizzle because I ran out of fruit before I ran out of month and before I was able to go to the grocery store but I have learned that my skin likes juicing!  LOL  I feel good when I have a juice once a day.  I find that I prefer fruit juices to veggie juices but will still be trying to add more veg to my diet via juicing in the near future. I also find that my men do not like juiced veggies, even the organic kind you just wash and juice, unless they are peeled first.  Beets are out of the question for everyone except my daughter and me.  A favorite is anything with apple or citrus.  They loved the citrus stuff.  I am not sure I will be able to afford to juice daily but I will certainly juice as often as I can keep fruit and fresh veggies in the house between paychecks.  It is a bit expensive to juice everything.  ;)

All-in-all a good experiment.

May starts tomorrow and I am posting another challenge.... 31 Days of Salads.  Stay tuned!  I will share as many as I can for the month of May and see how I feel after eating a salad a day.  It should keep the doctor away, too.  LOL

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