May 10, 2012

Basic Lettuces I Use

I have been able to find several really lovely lettuces at our local market.  This particular one is a curly endive.  I use this particular variety in the classic Italian Wedding Soup.  It would be nice in a cold salad, too, in a blend of different lettuces.

This is a classic Endive.  I have used the leaves from this to serve as "pockets" for other goodies when serving hors d'oevres.  It is also nice chopped into salads.  I plan to share a salad from Giada in a few days that uses them.

Arugula is a nice spring lettuce that has a bit of a peppery flavor.
Nice and light and perfect for those early spring salads for Easter or Mother's Day.

 This is a Boston Bibb or Butter Lettuce (both in the package above and the one below)
 Boston Bibb is the lettuce of choice for the classic Salad Nicoise.
It is perfect with a lemon or vinegar dressing and can serve as a beautiful bed for other salad showcasing.
It has a light flavor, too, and does not overpower the other ingredients on display.

 Traditional Green Leaf Lettuce is one that a precious lady used to grow in her garden in Paluxy, Texas.  
You can find it readily in the supermarkets today along with it's sister, the Red Leaf Lettuce. (below)
Both red and green lettuces are great for simple salads throughout the summer and can be paired with both savory and sweet ingredients nicely.  I often use one or both of these when pairing with apples and dried fruit as well as carrot, tomato, celery, etc...

This one gets a very bad wrap but it is a classic.. It is the Iceberg Lettuce.  It has it's uses but my favorite is to use it as a filler in with other lettuces or to use to top things like tacos with.  The leaves can also serve as a base for other items and, of course, hamburger, chicken and other sandwich filling.  Don't throw it out... just add variety to it.

 This one is Curly Kale.  There are several varieties of Kale but this one seems to be the easiest to find in our local stores.  I use this in a salad I am going to share with you in the next few days, too, and it is FABULOUS in smoothies.  I also use Romaine and Spinach in smoothies.  Lots of green and fiber... it does a body good!

 Romaine is great subbed in just about anything you have ever used Iceberg Lettuce in.  I use this one a my go-to standard because it is readily available and very affordable.  It makes great wraps, too.

Spinach is fabulous... in smoothies... in salad... cooked... on burgers and sandwiches or just snitching it out of the bowl and popping it in the mouth while thinking your wife did not see you swipe it.  LOL  This one is Dan's favorite!

We love this mix!  We love that it comes organic now and that it is cheaper at Walmart then it's non-organic counterpart.  Put whatever you want on it and add nuts and some grated cheese along with a favorite vinaigrette and you have a party in your mouth!  This one is my favorite!!!

Got a favorite that you can get in your area?  

One you love to grow in your garden? 

What do you add to your favorite lettuce?

Please feel free to share with us...

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  1. I love Boston Bibb, and the only way I will eat spinach is raw in a salad! Generally, I'm not much of a salad person, at least not a traditional lettuce-tomato-other stuff kind of thing. I like tuna salad on a salad, or a chef's salad with lots and lots of stuff, or the strawberry-pork-balsamic dressing thing we talked about a while back.