May 22, 2012

Civil War Pies...

I am on a mission.  My daughter has been studying the Civil War this semester and they are finishing up the year (and the reading of the book) with a viewing of Gone with the Wind.  

The teacher has requested that the children bring "themed treats" to enjoy during the movie event.  Em and I have decided it needs to be an "authentic" recipe from that time period.  I set out to research pies... since that is totally my passion!  LOL

Here are a few that we are considering...

I love food history... I love using food to teach history.  When I was a young public school teacher 20 something years ago I brought food in ALL THE TIME to teach history, science, literature, and math.  It was an early sign of my love of all things foodie!  I might have to try several of these and will share pics as I go...

Here is a fun video on the subject.

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