May 21, 2012

Eating From the Pantry and Freezer Challenge

I am taking this challenge for the next month.

This challenge is to eat from the pantry and freezer as much as possible without buying new groceries.

I do have to buy perishables because of spoilage but I am hoping to clear the freezer and pantry in order to restock it with fresh produce and precooked and baked items to build up our inventory of  "Once a Month Cooking" type items to save more time in the fall when we will need quick and healthy items on the go.

This week I am starting in the freezer with odds and ends for main entrees.

I have green chilis we are still clearing out

I have two turkeys and one will get baked this week... they often last two to three meals or make nice sandwich meat for lunches.

I also have some large mouth bass

several kinds of grains live in the freezer and I am hoping to utilize some of that for grain salads and bread items.

There is also some deer meat that will make a spicy chili for dinner later in the week.  I will stretch it by adding some ground turkey to it and maybe some black beans.

In the pantry there is pasta, canned tomato products, dried beans and peas.

We are stocked on baking items

There is lots of salad stuff, fruits, dried fruits, veggies, milk was purchased on sale last week and eggs are getting purchased on sale this week.  Almond milk is good to go for me...

So, that gets us started.  I will share menus along the way.  I love a creative challenge and this is indeed one for me.  It is like Chopped... here is your market basket... now what can you make from that?  LOL


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  1. I need to get the house in order and start having people the freezer (specifically bought to have for company) are an 8 pound chicken (good grief, what do they feed those things? Most likely, I don't want to know), a 2 pound pork tenderloin and a very large brisket.

    If I made any of those just for myself, I probably could fashion a months' worth of meals from it.