May 28, 2012

Elements of a Composed Salad...

A composed salad (salade composée) is an arranged salad with several different components and often serves as a meal by itself.  It is a more formal salad and pleasing to the eyes.  Salad Nicoise is an example of a composed salad.  I am trying to eat more of these this summer while we have fresh produce from the garden, grocery stores and farmer's market.

While I was studying at culinary school I took a class called Garde Manger.  It was one of my favorites of all of the classes I took.  We worked with cold foods throughout the semester.  One of the things we studied was different kinds of salad structures.  A composed salad was part of the curriculum that we transferred over into our restaurant.  I worked the Cold Station a lot during that semester.  

With a Composed Salad you can be as traditional or as creative as you like.  You can combine your favorite things to make a spectacular meal that is filling and healthy.  You can combine cold and cooked items.

Some of my favorites... 

Some articles, recipes and videos...

Veggie Composed Salad

More from the Cold Kitchen

You can click on the link here to see this particular video which is not allowing me to share it but it is the best one of the ones I have seen

Suggestions from a professional kitchen for school use...  I, honestly, have never seen this kind of offering locally... these salads are beautiful!

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