May 20, 2012

Food From Our Weekend

 Sunday dinner is a big deal in our house.  We eat at the church once a month and at Dan's parents at least once a month and then we have our meals at home.  When I was a little girl we had traditional Sunday Dinners every week, too.  We were usually one of two places... mostly at my parent's home in east Texas and sometimes at my grandparents home in Louisiana. 

Sunday Dinner has always been a very big meal with a meat entree and lots of veggies, potatoes, rice and it was ALWAYS followed by some kind of dessert.  When I was at my Meemaw's house dessert was most likely pie.  I adore pie!  The pie above is a Rhubarb/Berry Pie.

 We enjoyed another Kale Salad today with avocado and lemon juice.  Dan loves this one and it is SUPER HEALTHY!

 I steamed broccoli today just until it was slightly softened.  I love my veg with a little crunch to it.

 Tilapia is a favorite in our home... and so simply made with a little lemon/olive oil vinaigrette and a bit of salt and pepper.
 Gold Yukon Potatoes were boiled on the stovetop whole and 
then we add a bit of real butter with salt and pepper.

 We got to enjoy the Butter Bread I bought at the Middle Eastern Festival we attended.
It is sweet and so lovely with a little butter spread on top.  
Another use I could see for this particular bread would be in a simple bread pudding or as French toast.

 Here is that pie!  So amazingly fresh with the seasonal ingredients.  

I have a little more Rhubarb but my next project is using apricots from my little "orchard" in the back yard.  Our two trees are LOADED this year with fruit.  I am very excited about this.

I also have apricots already donated to our family by a friend, too.  I will be playing with these first.  They have been washed and refrigerated for some experimenting this week.  I think I want to try my hand at some apricot jam this year.  It has been a long time since I have canned and I have been wanting to do this with some of our garden bounty.  

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