May 18, 2012

Friday's Food Flick...

I recently watched this movie on Netflix's Watch Now streaming while I was working in my kitchen.  I, honestly, was just turning something on to pass the time while I worked.  I often have a collection of "food related" stuff saved for such times.  Most of the time I am not uber impressed but this time was different.  I have a small collection of foodie movies that I watch over and over and this might get added to that collection.  

It is a comedy but it was quite poignant, as well.  It is a classic story of a father and son struggling to understand each other and find their way.  There are no real surprises in the story but the telling... is beautiful!  

The view of food and the passion in finding who one was meant to be (and real love along the way) was fantastic.  A chef who follows all the rules finds that there really are no rules in making delicious food or becoming a great chef.  Passion in cooking comes only from one's own senses and giving attention to what one is doing.  Great cooking comes from experience and attention and the main character in this story has to learn that he has what it takes if he will only "stop thinking so much and just do."   I loved that the "Chef" in the story was not some super pompous ego (there are enough of those in culinary school in the know-it-all student population) but a humble man finding his way and being grateful for it all in the end.

Great story... check it out for yourself.  It even brought a tear to my eye in the end.  Great storytelling and cast.  The R rating comes from the fact that they felt the need to put the "F" word in a few times... the story would have been fine without any of that but some people want the rating.  I almost did not even start the movie because of the rating and was ready to turn it off if it went badly in the first 10 minutes.  I am glad I started it and was very pleasantly surprised throughout.  

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