May 16, 2012

Great Salads not made with lettuces...

So far, I have shared lettuce salads with you but what if you don't like lettuce?  LOL I use a variety of other things to make salads.   You can use grains... wheat, barley, quinoa, rice, millet, bulgur wheat, farro, and many more.

I have also used beans to make more substantial salads that can be eaten as meals or to satisfy the vegetarian guests at our table.

I grew up on vegetable salads of all kinds.  Remember those old church picnics?  I never went to one that we did not have some variation on a green bean/three bean salad, the classic of German potato salad or a broccoli and bacon salad.  Vegetables can be nice in cold salads all summer long.

Who does not love a pasta salad?  Macaroni salads come in all shapes and sizes, Italian salads can add a nice zesty twist to a meal or any variety of a couscous or orzo salad makes a nice accompaniment to any meal.

Even fruit salads... which will be covered in another post, are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Here are some great salad links using a variety of ingredients.

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