May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 I have not been allowed to make one single thing all day... including setting the table for a meal.  
Dan and the kids did this

 and this

 made me coffee in my French press

 and they banned me from everything but taking pictures

 Even the littlest one made juice

 and my daughter cut strawberries

 Ok, I did pour my own coffee while I waited on service.  LOL

 My daughter also made beautiful biscuits... not from a box or can either... REAL HOMEMADE BISCUITS!

 My Daddy would call this PERFUME COFFEE... and it was delicious
Biscuit with sausage and gravy (hubby made the gravy and sausage), scrambled eggs made my my 11 year old boy and strawberries.

 Then they gave me A BRAND NEW WAFFLE IRON
(my old one fell apart about a month ago)
This made me giddy!!!

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