May 05, 2012

Oriental Chicken Salad

A few years ago I had a salad at Applebees that I really enjoyed.  Since then I have been making my own version at home.  I "healthified it" a bit...  

 Here is a little bit of the gathered ingredients... shallots and garlic chopped on the board.  I use canned Mandarin oranges because they are a little harder to find fresh but when I find them fresh that is what I use.  I have dried ginger right now because I just used all my fresh two days ago.  LOL  I am also currently out of rice vinegar so white wine had to do.  

 First I made the dressing/vinaigrette and tried something a little different this time.  I subbed raw coconut oil for the regular oil I use.  Sesame oil is good, too, but this gives it a nice coconut flavor that I really enjoyed.

 Did you know that virgin coconut oil is good for helping to treat and prevent Alzheimers?  Yep...

 I keep Chow Mein Noodles on hand all the time... nice crunch factor.  You can also add slivered almonds but I was fresh out on that, too.... I think I need  a grocery run!  ;)

 So, oranges are drained and I used a little of the juice in the vinaigrette

 Fresh Romaine instead of iceberg lettuce.  When I have red cabbage I add that, too.

 Nothing fried here... just some sauteed chicken breast cut into bits.... I used coconut oil for the saute and then salt, pepper and ginger to season.  It cuts a great deal of calories not to fry this and use white meat only.

Delicious and filling for dinner!  Oriental Chicken Salad

Now let me tell you what is in the dressing...

ginger, white wine vinegar (or rice vinegar), coconut oil (or sesame oil), a bit of Tahini, a bit of Mandarin orange juice, salt, pepper, shallot, garlic, brown sugar.  I did not measure outside of equal parts vinegar and oil.  I just taste as I go to see if it is what I like.  I taste by dipping a lettuce leaf in to get the full effect.

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