May 17, 2012

Vintage Salads

Have a salad you remember from your childhood?  With the invention of the internet it is so easy to find such things now.  Lots of mayonnaise... lots of jello... things like marshmallows and cottage cheese and Cool Whip filled the salads of yesteryear.  LOL  Here are just a few links to vintage recipes...

A Great History of the American Salad!

Remember that old Green Goddess Dressing?
Other stuff on Vintage Victuals of note on salads

The Famous Pink Jello Salad... from Grandma's table to your's!  LOL

Old Fashioned Cherry Coke Salad

Remember the Carrot Jello Salad?  I DO!!!

"Molded" Gelatin Salads.... not moldy... just made in molds!  ;)

A list of molded gelatin salads of years gone by

A modern twist on gelatin molded desserts

A history and some great recipes for Gelatin Molded Salads and Desserts

Seriously... just add VODKA!!!  LOL  No, really... this is a great website for all kinds of Jello Mold Ideas

and the classics that are served EVERY THANKSGIVING at our home and Dan's parent's home...

Yep... one of Dan's favorites minus the cherries...  THE GREEN JELLO SALAD!


Something similar to this recipe called a CRANBERRY FROZEN SALAD or this one

Both of these last two could double as a dessert but they get called salad and are ALWAYS served alongside the meal.

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