June 09, 2012

Childhood Food...

Sorry, our weekend exploded and I was in the kitchen for most of it instead of typing on the computer.  Then the week took off like a shot and here we are at the end of week with very little written.  LOL  I am hoping to get back on track today so I can get some regular posts up for you.  Graduation is upon us and so we are reminiscing a lot in our house right now.  Our oldest graduates on Tuesday and we had my daughter's 8th grade awards and ceremony last Tuesday.

As I was cruising through some regular reads quickly the other day I was inspired by Carrots & Cake to do a childhood foods post.  It is amazing any of us survived the 70's with all the processed junk that we consumed.  LOL

Macaroni and Cheese

  Vienna Sausages

Potted Meat

Coca Cola in the 6 ounce bottles

Peanut Butter

Frito Chips


Spaghetti O's

Frosted Flakes

Honey Buns

I do not eat any of these things anymore... they are LOADED with chemicals!  LOL  To be quite specific the potted meat and Vienna sausages will never pass my lips again because I cannot get them past my nose!

The Coca Cola came in much smaller containers and they used to be a treat... something not enjoyed daily but every once in awhile.  I have moved back to that model in my own life and for my children.  I love Dr. Pepper... but I only drink it occasionally.  If I can get them I prefer the ones from Dublin, Texas made with pure sugar cane instead of corn syrup but those are very rare for us since we do not live close enough to buy them regularly.

That being said, these bring great memories of being at my Meemaw's and meals with my own family.  These foods were a product of a society that was trying to bring convenience into our daily lives.  I have learned that I can make my own convenience but I truly enjoy foods that have been made with care and love much more.  My favorites growing up were not the above things but the homemade things... the meatloaves, the black-eyed peas, the pies, the cakes, the stews, chilis and soups, the Sunday pot roasts, etc...  

So, what foods do you remember from your childhood?

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