June 15, 2012

Friday Foodie Flick...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I recently attended a Middle Eastern Orthodox Food Festival here in El Paso.  The timing was perfect for watching this movie after that experience.  My daughter and I enjoyed it a few weeks ago.  This movie is hilarious and sweet and just downright fun to watch.  

From the opening restaurant scene to the spit in the front yard, the bundt cake and the fact that the fiance is a vegetarian marrying a very Greek woman this movie was a real treat!

It was released for the big screen in 2002.

It stars Nia Vardalos (who plays the main character Toula as well as actually being the writer of this story), John Corbett, and the amazing Lainie Kazan.

It is rated PG and is a great family film for early teen and up.

It is the dream of every Greek family to have their daughter marry a "nice Greek boy"... at least that is what the parents in this movie keep saying.  Toula has followed all the rules and works in the restaurant owned by her family but sometimes love is not what we expect.   Toula finds newfound independence and direction as well as love in ways her family never expected.  

I might add that it is not just a chick flick... it has something for everyone.  


  1. kellie1:38 PM

    one of my favorite moives, we quote lines from this movie in our house all the time. My favorite "what do you mean he dont eat no meat....its ok I'll make you lamb"