June 08, 2012

Friday's Foodie Flick

The movie No Reservations was released in 2007 

and it was a remake of a movie called Mostly Martha (2001).  

Mostly Martha is a German film with subtitles.  I have seen both of them and my favorite is the Mostly Martha movie.  The American version is ok but Mostly Martha is a beautiful artful film.  The food is magnificent and the relationships are beautiful.  The stories are not identical and the ending of Mostly Martha was more satisfying for me.  

The premise is that Martha is a chef on a path to a huge restaurant career.  She has never wanted a family.  The movie opens as her sister is killed in a car accident and her niece is involved but survives and is left alone in the world.  She must go and live with her Aunt Martha and there the adventure begins.

This is one of my most favorite foodie films.  Take a look... the food alone is the most amazing eye candy!

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