June 10, 2012

New Product Testing...

I recently received a box of goodies in the mail from Mooney Farms.  
They are a family owned business in California.
They sell sun dried tomato products 
and I have been playing with them.  

 They sent me a variety of products to try.  
No money has changed hands and I promised to give my honest opinion.  

The products they sent were... (a closer look)

 I am working on some recipes this week.  They sent a few recipe cards that I am trying first and this one... the Julienne cut has been used in a scrumptious Sun Dried Tomato Aioli.  An Aioli is a mayonnaise with add ins.  I used the sun dried tomatoes in a real mayonnaise to make a delicious dipping sauce and sandwich spread.  The tomatoes added a lot of flavor and I even shared this with a client who is totally sold on it!  

I am also making a Garbanzo Tomato Soup this week using the Julienne Cut tomatoes... I will let you know how it goes and share photos.

 This product is great... just as it specifies... on Bruschetta and as a topping for a variety of breads and crackers.  It has a great balance of flavor with the basil added.  

 This is a pesto sauce which is perfect on pasta and it has pine nuts included.
I will also be making this Quiche recipe a little later this week using this product.

I will share a photo post for this recipe with reaction from my family.

 The dried varieties they sell are perfect on salads or just for snacking.

The products they shared with me have all natural ingredients, great flavors and they are quite versatile.  My ONLY CONCERN... is that they contain sulfites.  The sulfites are used to keep the color of the product fresh but some people have allergies to this ingredient.  I am one of those people.  I found it is more tolerable when cooked into a recipe rather than eaten right out of the jar.  I probably would not have picked these up in the store because of the addition of the sulfites but if you do not have that sensitivity then it probably will not be an issue for you.  I have not seen the products here on our local grocery shelves but would totally put them up against any other sun dried tomato products I have tried as far as flavor and usability.  If you do not have issues with sulfites I hope you will give them a try.  I was impressed with the fact that everything else is natural in the products.

Mooney Farms is on Facebook and Twitter

They seem to be reasonably priced and you can order in bulk if you are cooking for a crowd or own a food business.  They also offer gift baskets of their product collections for a variety of occasions.

They have a blog that is updated monthly with product information, recipes and ideas for product use and contests.  Check them out!  :)

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