July 26, 2012


These are fresh peaches from our backyard orchard... 
we made a cobbler from some and then had a few leftover for breakfast the next morning.  
I decided on crepes.  
I cooked the peaches and sugar down and then used them as a filling for my crepes.  
I drizzled a little of the peach syrup over the top.

 Peach crepe

 The kids had other plans for their crepes

 If there is Nutella in the pantry this is what they do with it.... 
 Crepes with banana and Nutella!

and I washed it all down with coffee.  
This is a charming little mug I got on my honeymoon 23 years ago.  I love the flowers... they are called Columbines and they are the state flower.  

I am thinking there might be crepes again soon... and this time I am thinking berries.  They are also fabulous as a dessert if you just add ice cream or whipped cream along with the macerated fruit.

You do not have to make crepes with sweet fillings... they are also amazing with chicken and mushrooms and a lovely Veloute sauce.

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  1. There is a creperie (SP?) in the old mill in a tourist destination half an hour north of here. It's worth the trip just to have lunch there, as the savory crepes are out of this world. And the crepes themselves are so easy to make - I've made them, then frozen them to take out as a nice wrap for leftovers :)