July 21, 2012

Fresh Trout...

 The process of river.... to table
 This is a Brown Trout that Dan and Davy caught together... while the boy was learning to fly fish.

 So, it got cleaned and put into the freezer in the trailer to bring it home.

 So, we thawed the fish and here is the process we used to teach David to cook it.
He had salt, pepper, cornmeal and oil.

 He salt and peppered the inside of the fish and then rolled it in the cornmeal (which also had salt and pepper)

 Then he put a cast iron skillet on to heat... added oil to a hot skillet and then added the fish.

 He fried it on each side for about 4 to 5 minutes.

 Ta Da!  Success!!!

 Ready to dig in

 Then Dan taught him how to debone it...

 It is necessary to leave the head and tail on for the deboning process.

 The whole "comb" comes out all at once when you use the head and tail.

Time for tasting.... DELICIOUS!

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