July 17, 2012

The July Garden...

We just arrived home from our vacation trip to Colorado on Saturday night.  We have had so little rain over the past 18 months that we were surprised to come back to a very green yard.  I had run two soaker hoses and had two large sprinklers set to water everything while we were gone but there was also rain a few days. The weeds were crazy high and the fruit and vegetable harvest was great!  I thought I would share a few pics from our July garden...

We have two peach trees in our yard.  One grows an early peach that comes ripe in June and the second is ready to harvest by the end of July or early August, typically.  We pulled fruit early in both cases this year because the birds just eat it all if we do not bring some in for ourselves.  These are going to be delicious in a few days in a cobbler or pie.

I set the veggies next to a quart bottle so you can see how big they got in just a week of growing.  I have been making things like Ratatouille, mixed squash sauteed in olive oil and vegetable quiches and pies to enjoy the bounty of the summer squash and tomatoes.  The larges one will be used to make a few loaves of zucchini bread by the end of the week.

This is our first year of growing cantaloupe and pumpkins and this is our first cantaloupe!  I am very excited about this and cannot wait until it is ready to pick and eat.  I am guarding it with my life from those pesky birds!  LOL

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