July 18, 2012

Marion Cunningham... in memorium

I missed this until this week because of our "off the grid" time in the wilderness but I wanted to share her philosophy because it is one that has shaped mine...  She had a heart for the home cook and for the beginning cook.  I loved her take on food and meals together.  

"People are living like they are in motels.  They get fast food and take it home and turn on the TV.  Schools and sports groups have soccer practice or what have you during what used to be called the dinner hour.  We don't need more competitive sports.   We need to sit facing people with great regularity, so we are making an exchange and we are learning to be civilized."  Marion Cunningham 1922-2012

another favorite...

Marion Cunningham on Home Cooking

"Home cooking is a catalyst that brings people together. We are losing the daily ritual of sitting down around the table (without the intrusion of television), of having the opportunity to interact, to share our experiences and concerns, to listen to others. Home kitchens, despite the increase in designer appliances and cabinetry, are mostly quiet and empty today. Strangers are preparing much of our food. And our supermarkets, which once considered restaurants and fast-food places the enemy, have joined the trend by enlarging their delis and offering ready-to-eat food they call "home-replacement meals." But bringing ready-cooked meals home is not the same as cooking in your own kitchen, where you are in control of the ingredients you use, where you fill the house with good cooking smells, and where you all share in a single dish, taking a helping and passing the platter on to your neighbor. Nothing can replace that." — Marion Cunningham, from the introduction to Lost Recipes.
and a few great articles I enjoyed on the subject of MC
Buttermilk Crumb Muffins - Marion Cunningham  and Julia Child

"Home cooking is a catalyst that brings people together."  Marion Cunningham

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  1. Kellie7:29 AM

    I 100% percent agree,I still dont understand why people spend so much money buying prepackaged stuff when you can make it better, healthier, and less expensive yourself. And it really does not take that much more time.