July 07, 2012

Quick Berry Jam

 I love how simple this process is.  When berries and sugar and water are cooked together it sets very nicely because of the natural pectin in the berries.  I do this throughout the summer for fresh jam.  It never lasts long enough to actually can it so I make it up and store it in a little container in the refrigerator to be eaten over the week it is made.  I often freeze berries throughout the summer to have a bit of summer sometime in the winter, too.

So, the process is this...

1 cup berries or more if you like 
(blueberry, raspberry, blackberry or strawberry or a combination of any or all)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
a little lemon juice to brighten it.

I bring it all to a rolling boil for a few minutes and then let it cool.  I strain a little of the syrup off at this point to use a bit of the berry juice in something like a lemonade or tea and then use the leftover pulp plus a bit of the syrup to let it set for jam.  Our motto is NO WASTE!  We use the whole thing... berry pulp for jam, berry syrup for sweetening.  The process yields delicious results!

If you wanted to strain out some of the seeds you could but I love the whole thing... just chunks and seeds and sweet and all.

It is perfect on a biscuit or on your peanut butter sandwich or even over ice cream.

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