August 19, 2012

From the August garden

 We put cantaloupe in a little late so we are just getting some but they are the SWEETEST I have had all season!  I saved seeds from them and dried them for planting next year, too.

These are sunflowers... also planted a bit late but are ready to bloom, none-the-less.

Here is our sunflower bed.

The birds have been pecking on our first pumpkin but I am hoping it will recover if we leave it.  I check it every day and have been keeping a garlic/pepper spray going on it to keep stuff away from it. I hope it makes it!

 This is one of the prettiest of our plants this year... it is a garlic chive and I got it from my friend Pat.  She was lovely enough to share some stuff with me mid summer and all her stuff is doing well... adapting... to our yard.
 Close-up of the garlic chive flower.

and I have been using it in the kitchen to season some of our cooking.

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