August 01, 2012

Julia Child... 100 Years

Where to find recipes to cook in celebration of Julia.

Cook For Julia Project (hashtag #CookforJulia on Twitter)

Julia Quotes to share

Videos being released on PBS soon

Join us on August 5th through 15th in celebration of this century celebration of the life of Julia Child.  Pick a recipe... make it.... share it and your memories of Julia and how she impacted your love of cooking and baking.

1 comment:

  1. Sigh. Now I have to go through my cookbook...

    I've been watching old French Chef episodes on Amazon, and it is amazing how much I've learned about technique and the "why" of how things are done. Modern cooking shows (except America's Test Kitchen) don't seem to do that much.

    I watched Jacques Pepin debone a whole chicken last night in less than five minutes - it wouldn't have taken that long, except he would stop to point something out. Now I'm itching to try many chickens will it take before I can get everything off in one piece, LOL?