August 13, 2012

More Julia Child... 100 Years Celebration

I posted at the beginning of the month about Julia Child's 100 year celebration.  So, have you made one of her recipes?  How are you celebrating the life and recipes of Julia?  I thought I would share a few more links with you.  PBS has posted a pictograph of info on her... (see the pictograph to the left)

Don't forget there are videos over at the PBS links in my previous post and there are some over at, too.  I am sure you can find lots of goodies on, as well.

Here is a great article on Learning to Cook French (from the Downton Abbey Cooks blog)

Judith Jones shares her thoughts on working with Julia as she remembers.

History of a Culinary Legacy

A Plethora of Memories and Celebrations from WGBH in Boston.

Everything Changed with Julia

Celebrating that Julia was just real onscreen and off

Her birthday is Wednesday August 15th... are you planning on doing something special to celebrate?  Please share a link to a post or pictures or a recipe you are making in honor of her.

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  1. So...I made Coq Au Vin from her "The Way to Cook" cookbook this weekend. I managed not to thicken it quite enough, and didn't degrease as well as I could have, but it tasted great. My only complaint about cooking in red wine this way is that the outside of the chicken is almost purple (the inside is still moist and white). She specifically said to use a young wine like a zinfandel (which I did).

    I will say I love the fact that she was all over the food processor, about how much easier it made doing some things. As someone who is always looking to save work, I appreciate that attitude!