August 20, 2012

Quiche Lorraine

I am really enjoying trying some French cooking.  Julia Child's master work has proven over and over to be a delicious treat.  Nothing has failed outside of having to adjust some baking times but that is expected with each oven.  Ovens are each different in their own way and you just have to find what works for your oven.  I am writing times down in the cookbook as I go to remember next time I make that recipe.  The only structural changes I made to this entire recipe was to ADD spinach and I used 1 cup cream/1 cup whole milk instead of 2 cups of cream.  I just wanted a veggie in the mix and it was so good with the spinach.  If you want the recipe it is published online with permission here.

Here are our results:

 This particular classic quiche has NO cheese in it.

Julia recommends that if you want to add cheese you may feel free but for our purposes we were more purist to see how it would turn out.

 As I said, the only addition I made was spinach and it was so worth it!

 A little tip for you guys would be to place your pie crust and filling except for the liquid onto a baking sheet and then place onto a rack in the oven before pouring the liquid in.  This keeps spills to a minimal if you spill at all.

 The little spots that are lighter are from the baked in butter... YUMMY!!!

 We (Littlest and I) served the quiche with strawberries that he cut for me and a big salad with pear, walnuts and a white wine vinaigrette.

Close-up... fresh from the oven.  If you want to serve this cold it would be nice, too, but we could not wait to dig in.

This is such a simple recipe... hope you give it a try!

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