August 09, 2012

Quick Snicker Bar Pie...

I do everything from scratch but if you do not want to here is a quick no bake recipe...

You will need:

A Graham Cracker Crust

A Jar of Caramel Sauce

A Jar of salted or unsalted peanuts... your choice

A family size box of Chocolate Pudding/Pie Filling (Instant... just add milk).  Follow the directions on the box for the pie filling.  Make it ups and have it ready to layer into the pie once the caramel and peanuts are in.

Whipping Cream (if you make your own then you will need powdered sugar and vanilla extract to sweeten as you whip it) or Whipped Topping

A Snicker Bar cut into little bits

 Sprinkle the Snicker bits on top and refrigerate

The longer you let it chill the less gooey it will be when you cut and serve it.  

I am fine with gooey, though...  LOL

It is quick and no bake and can be assembled in just a few minutes once the pudding is made and candy is cut up.

If you want to do it from scratch then it takes a little longer but I love the flavors.

I make a graham cracker crust
homemade caramel sauce without cornsyrup
use unsalted peanuts and make a chocolate pastry cream when I have time.
The whipping cream just takes a few minutes to set up and then you layer and refrigerate for a few hours.

Let me know if you try my pie and how it turns out.  I would love to hear your feedback!  :)

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