August 21, 2012

Salsa Verde and Enchilada Casserole

 First of all I have to mention this little local chain of grocery stores called JR Produce.  They make tortillas fresh in the store daily and their produce is beautiful.  It is a very ethnic/local culture friendly grocery store.  I love that you walk in and hear Besame Mucho playing on the speakers and it smells like a bakery.  They sell fresh Agua Fresca drinks, too.  It is going to be a new local stop for me.  Great goodies and service... I am a new fan!

 I spent some time making enchiladas this week.  I did my own take on it with an enchilada layered casserole instead of rolling the individual enchiladas

 The only one I rolled was this one that I tested the recipe with.  
A good chef ALWAYS tastes the product right?  
...Especially if it is enchiladas!  LOL

 I took all the classic ingredients and just layered it like a lasagna.

 The particular Salsa Verde I used was a tweaked version of Rick Bayless recipe.  
(not much tweaking just made it my own a little for fun)

 I covered the whole thing with the salsa and Monterrey Jack cheese

 Lots of cheese...

 The particular chiles I used were the local Hatch Chiles.
They are in season RIGHT NOW!
I even bought 30 pounds of them roasted for the freezer to get us through the winter.

...and here is a section of the finished casserole.  
It was a huge hit with my family and with my client that ordered it this week. 
It is a new permanent recipe in my files.  

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