August 08, 2012

Sincerity as far as the eye can see...

 This is our little pumpkin patch (with a side of tomatoes)

 It is starting to shoot runners off the main plants and so I am stretching them out.  Once they start grabbing hold of the ground with their little vines I won't be able to move them so I do it as soon as I see one starting.

 Look at how sincere this little patch is!  LOL

 There are new blossoms daily...

 and now I can see the little tiny pumpkins starting to grow.  My biggest challenge will be to keep the squash bugs away.  I have had some on my yellow squash and have been drowning them as fast as I can find them.  The problem is nearly gone I hope... and all the little eggs have been destroyed, too.  I am checking leaves daily just to make sure.

That is one cute little sincere pumpkin!!!  :)

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