September 22, 2012

When life takes a left turn...

I kinda feel like I owe you an explanation.  I had all these plans and prospects for clients and then.... then.... my body decided to stop.  The initial diagnosis is not pretty but it is what it is.  The first doctor has said I have Lupus.  It was sent into overdrive recently with a simple sinus infection and a round of antibiotics.  I have more appointments and more tests coming up but for right now I am slowing down.  I am not taking on any new clients or jobs but I am still cooking.  I will be taking on a challenge for the month of October which I will share soon and it has to do with changes I am making in my diet as I search for answers and an action plan.  Thanks for your patience and understanding through this time and if you are one that prays I appreciate if you could add me to that list, too. 

Thanks and see you soon with October information.  :-) 

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