October 11, 2012

Adding Fiber to the GF Diet

One thing to note when you are on a gluten free diet is that you will probably transition from wheat fiber to adding other types of fiber from other sources.

7 High Fiber Gluten Free Food Recommendations

Gluten Free Diet Side Effects

Gluten Free High Fiber Foods

Some items and their fiber count

Beans (navy) 19g/cup
Split peas 16g/cup
Lentils 15g/cup
Beans (black, pinto, kidney) 14g/cup
Garbanzo beans 12g/cup
Raspberries 11g/cup
Green peas 9g/cup
Blackberries 8g/cup
Pumpkin 7g/cup
Sweet potato 6g/cup
Broccoli 6g/cup
Greens (turnip, collard, etc.) ~5g/cup
Blueberries 5g/cup
Carrots 5g/cup
Pears 5g/pear
Potatoes (with skin) 4.5g/potato
Oranges 4g/orange
Spinach 4g/cup (cooked)
Banana 4g/banana
Almonds 4g/oz

Amaranth 18
Buckwheat 17
Corn meal 10
Flax seed 43
Millet 17
Oats (GF) 16.5
Quinoa 11.9
Rice (brown) 6.5
Rice (white) 2.4
Rice (wild) 9.9
Sorghum 12.1
Teff 15.4

Read the labels... make a plan to boost your fiber as you make the switch.

Might I also recommend green smoothies?  They are loaded with fiber and are a great way to start the day.  

Plan to have a big salad for one of your meals during the day with lots of leafy greens.  

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